25 ianuarie 2012


Suntem obisnuiti, conform educatiei de sorginte catlolica sau ortodoxa, in principal dar nu numai, ca tot ce nu se incadreaza in cadrele noastre de receptie si interpretare inguste,  ori ofenseaza ori sperie.
Sa vorbim putin despre ingeri.
Ingerii sunt aratarile alea ceresti, avand enshpe mii de aripi crescute din coloana vertebrala , care canta frumos din arfe.  Cum arata ? De unde naiba sa stiu ? I'or fi vazut cineva vreodata, anyway ?

Cica ingerii astia cantau in coruri slava lui Dumnezeu. Si'i inteleg. Aveau motive. Totul era perfect, functiona matematic, cum scrie sfanta CARTE !
Dupa ce lumea a decazut, parca n'au mai avut aceleasi motive sa zdrangane la arfa. Ba...chiar protestau ca legea naturala, aia divina nu mai functiona dupa tipar....
Da cine'i asculta?.....
Oamenii aveau alte trebi...
De la o vreme, ingerii s'au plictisit al dracu'. Si'au inceput sa protesteze. Urland ! Pt ca NIMENI  nu'i mai asculta....

Sa'i ascultam asadar , intr'o sfanta psaltire:

Oldest dream without a dream
Cold but sweet and tempting
As I look into those eyes long gone
And it feels like you were still a part
Of this restless world
From beyond you reach out for my hand
Come closer follow me

Are you willing to pay the price
To see what the future will bring
Here in the place where the weak become strong
And the lowest of life become kings
All are lost in euphoria
No failure or earthly disease
Glorious and proud, stands the beggar now crowned
Who once lived a life on his knees

Tonight I hear you whisper
Deep inside within my head
Tonight I see familiar faces
Voices of the dead calling me

Are you aware of the hate and the greed
That would fall forever from you
Do you believe that this mortal coil
Is the only path you can choose
Memories of life
Memories of death
Right here its all the same
So come on over to the other side
And let go of this life of pain

Tonight I hear you whisper
Deep inside within my head
Tonight I see familiar faces
Voices of the dead calling me

So my friend don't leave me now
There's nothing I would miss here
Let me join the cirle now and teach me how to fly
Love and hate, lust and joy
I have seen it all here
So lead me through and light my path
Embrace me as I die

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