19 ianuarie 2012

Hunter Gatherers And The Golden Age Of Man

When I say hunter gatherers, you think nasty, brutish and short, and that's a misconception that's kept us in an exhausting race we can't win for 10,000 years.
They're actually generally well fed, have more time off, and better sex lives than most of us protestant work ethic fools.
The hamster wheel of our lives keeps us lunging for the dangling carrot, unaware that somewhere in a remote desert, in a land so desolate that our ancestors thought it unworthy of seizure, there are men and women with easily-filled stomachs napping and socializing as we spend our lives in toil.
Hunter gatherers still live largely-to the extend that we allow them -as they have since the dawn of man.
When we conjure up such a life in our minds, it is not lined with confetti and fireworks. We think of cold, hungry, malnourished, and generally deprived people living in squalid dwelling in remote wastelands.
We pity them, and certainly don't want to be like them. Perhaps we throw money in the collection basket in the hope of someone brightening their lives.After all, our civilization provides us with modern health care and plenty of food. We've landed men on the moon and harvested the power of the atom. We communicate across the globe in the blink of an eye and our buildings stretch up impossibly high into the sky. These are impressive feats indeed.
There are many things hunter gatherers have never done that we have, but in some ways their privileged lives put us to shame.
Besides rarely going hungry and easily meeting their limited wants, they outclass us in a number of ways.
Imagine being part of a society with are no taxes, politics, leaders, bosses, 9 to 5 jobs, little crime, and no rich or poor people.

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